Do You Know Why?


Lyrics by:  Johnny Burke

Music by:  Jimmy Van Heusen

Arranged By:  Deane Kincaide

With Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

From the Album:  The Song Is You  (1940)

From the Film:  Love Thy Neighbor  (1940)

Label:  Victor Records

Recorded:  October 16, 1940



We use to say our love will stay until the cows come home,

And then the cows came home, do you know why?

We use to say we'll love this way, till Hades freezes over,

And then it just froze over, do you know why?

We thought we had a future dancing a jig for us,

Do you suppose our little dream got too big for us

We use to say our love will stay,

Forever and a night, and now forever's gone,

Darling, do you know why?  Neither do I.