The Gypsy


Written by:  Billy Reid

Arranged By:  Robert Farnon

Originally made famous by: The Ink Spots

From the Album:  The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings

Label:  Reprise Records

Recorded:  June 13, 1962



In a quaint caravan there's a lady they call The Gypsy,

She can look at the future and drive away all your fears,

Everything will come out right if you only believe The Gypsy,

She can tell at a glance that my heart was full of tears.

She looked at my hand and told me my lover was always true,

But deep in my heart I knew dear, somebody else was kissing you.

I will go there again 'cause I want to believe The Gypsy,

That my lover is true and she'll come back to me someday.