Hello Dolly


Written by:  Jerry Herman

With Count Basie and his Orchestra

Arranged By:  Quincy Jones

Originally made famous by:  Louis Armstrong

From the Film:  Hello, Dolly!  (1963)

Label:  Reprise Records

Recorded:  June 10, 1964




Hello Dolly, well hello Dolly,

It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

You're looking swell, Dolly, we can tell, Dolly,

You're still glowing, you're still crowing, you're still going strong.

We feel the room swaying 'cause the band's playing

One of your old favorite songs from way back when,

Take a rap, fellows, find her an empty lap, fellows,

Dolly'll never go away, Dolly'll never go away...

(instrumental by Louie Armstrong playing his saxophone)

Hello Sax, this is Francis, Louie,

It's so nice to see you back where you belong,

You're back on top, Louie, never stop, Louie,

You're still singing, you're still swinging, you're still going strong,

You get the room swaying when you start in playing

One of your great songs, your songs from way back when,

Blow your horn, Louie, sing up a great big song, Louie,

Promise you won't go away, promise you won't go away,

Promise you won't go away again.

Louie Armstrong:  Oh yeah!